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23 February 2019 Ethics

South Africa

Ethics policies

Do you maintain an effective ethics policy at your firm?

Compli-Serve SA recently spent some time fine tuning a number of ethics policies for different types of financial services provider.

Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
The purpose of a Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy is to commit the company ...

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Ethics and the law: one and the same thing?

By Lee Rossini

Ethics is a branch of moral philosophy which consists of the values and principles that guide the behaviour of an individual or a group. Our values are learnt from our families, friends, mentors, colleagues and the society in which we live. There are in fact many different ...

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Ethics in AI

World Economic Forum 

Everyone from Stephen Hawking to Bill Gates and Elon Musk have discussed the philosophy of AI. Now that companies around the world are creating AI products at an incredible rate, it’s increasingly urgent that we stop talking about how to implement ethical safeguards into AI and start ...

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Ethics and technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to a report by the World Economic Forum divisiveness and threats to equality are tearing at the fabric of our society. At the same time, as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology is fundamentally impacting every aspect of our life — with the power to bring us either closer ...

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The 'Dynamite Moment'​ for Financial Services? AI and Ethics

Mike Wood writes in his blog, 'Years to build … seconds to break … forever to repair. Trust: The single most important virtue in Financial Services. We can trust Financial Services Institutions with our money and with our personal information because of the underpinning regulation. However, will we trust autonomous ...

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Working Smart

By Lee Rossini

As financial planners, we seldom stop to think about the services we offer and how the nature of these services impact on our relationship with our clients. The differences between goods (products) and services are important when developing a business model, marketing plan or client engagement process.  Goods are tangible objects that can be created and sold or used later. A service, although more difficult to define, consists of economic activities such as product time, place, form or psychological utilities. Services are intangible acts, deeds or performances.


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